Monthly Flower Baby Photography ~ Lendel turned 11 months old last week! The major milestone this month is that she has started trying to walk, with her longest trip being 14 steps. We couldn’t believe it was happening already. Also, her eighth tooth finally came through, so now she has four teeth on top and […]

Santa Barbara Club ~ Mission ~ Engagement I’m so thrilled to share one of my favorite engagements! We began at the historic Santa Barbara Club, which is also where the couple will get married. There couldn’t have been a better way to start this engagement session! Such a wonderful way to break the ice. Speaking of […]

Ten Months Old ~ Can’t believe there are only 2 months left, of Lendel’s 12 month  baby photography series! Most days, she takes two naps…sometimes, only one. She loves books, and even acts like she’s reading them, which I absolutely love. Her jabbering is hilarious, and when we are out somewhere, I realize she has […]

Maternity Photos ~ Newborn Session ~ Really love it when I get to photograph both the pregnancy and the newborn baby. Book both of these sessions with Kelsey Crews Photo, and get a special rate! I was overjoyed that this couple wanted me to be their photographer for these two momentous photography sessions. I am […]

Nine Month Old Baby Photo I can’t believe Lendel has been here as long as I was pregnant. Lendel turned nine months old, last weekend…as you can see, she is pretty active. She is getting into everything! This photo would have been impossible without the toy. We all know who is in charge, now, right? 🙂 […]